Be Certain that You Have Quality Landing Pages in 2012

At this point approaching the summer of 2012, there is a huge amount of information about landing pages and other areas you must be familiar with. Landing pages have a dynamic all their own that you should be aware of when you create them for marketing purposes. You also have to build the sort of landing pages that your prospective customers will find enticing. If you’re experienced with landing pages, you may find that you’re already doing most of what you should be. There are exceptions in a few areas though, so avoid being lazy and assuming you don’t need to update your knowledge. The cost of errors is simply too high to take any chances when it comes to your website and landing pages. k76j

You know what above the fold means, but if not it’s the page displayed when the scroll bar is at the top. This above the fold area is super critical for any page and more so for landing pages. So do not forget this when creating your website. If you attempt to put all of your important items in this space, you will not have a successful landing page. Also, do not create a header that is so large that it takes most of your valuable folder space. You want your visitors to understand what your page is about the minute that they arrive on the site. Generally your website will not have 3rd party ads, but this is a necessity whenever you are using PPC marketing. Look around for good examples of landing pages so you’ll have an idea.

Landing pages with testimonials are always more impressive than those that just contain the product owner’s words. You don’t want to overdo it, as the landing page shouldn’t be too overwhelming. But a few paragraphs or perhaps even a video with an honest testimonial can be extremely powerful. There’s no doubt that testimonials are one of the best ways to get people to take action on your offer. You have to place them in the right way so they fit neatly into your whole message. Testing a few different landing pages is always recommended. A video testimonial will impress many people even more, as it shows someone took the trouble to make a video about your product.

If you’ve worked hard to get people over to your landing page via your marketing efforts, ensure you give them something relevant to read when they arrive. This should be a really obvious point, but so many business owners miss it. In many cases, there are deviations in the level of relevance.

When people arrive on your site, they fully expect to find whatever it was you promised them to get them to visit in the first place. What you state in your ads has to be what people get on your landing page. This will help you keep your cost-per-click lower, especially if you use PPC ads.

If you’re promoting anything online, your landing page has to be as well thought out as any other element. This is the first thing your visitors will see on your site, so you want to make the right impression. One of the keys to success in this area is carefully tracking your results at all times. hjgkj

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