Ensure that You have Quality Landing Pages in 2012

It would be a wise move on your part to know what works for landing pages as a result of Google’s most recent changes. A good number of IM marketers and small businesses are still reeling from the Penguin update at the time of this writing. So instead of being negative about what has been going on, decide to take the bull by the horns. Find out what you did wrong, tweak a few things and then move on from there. The following tips should help to make your landing pages during 2012. gh

You can find out a lot about what works with landing pages by studying those of long time successful marketers. Yet, one crucial point to keep in mind is keeping the design of your landing page compatible with that of the rest of your website. Your conversions at your main site will increase when you keep designs the same. Your main objective is to keep your site as simple to navigate as possible. Reversing the background and font colors to look avant-garde or different is not the thing to do. To some extent, this may vary depending on what type of site you have. In general, though, it’s best to focus on keeping your landing page easy to read and navigate.

Lots of business owners attempt to put as much as possible for their visitors to see on a landing page. Perhaps they believe they’re adding some type of value to the page for visitors.

But doing that will only make the process much more painful for their traffic. When people are faced with too many options to choose from, they tend to make no decision at all. Anything you put on your landing page should be designed to get your visitors to take action on what you want to achieve. Know what result you want and then focus any content on getting them to do this.

Make sure that the copy leading to your landing page is consistent with the action you want people to take. If someone is not ready to buy anything, then that person could be annoyed with the landing page process. Without testing, you can’t be sure how anybody is going to respond to your offer. You can, however, test with some copy that addresses some of the other reasons for being there. You don’t want to write copy just to gain clicks, as it also has to prepare people for what you’re actually offering. Testing is the only way to determine if you’ve found the best approach. Landing pages are important, but they should be simple and targeted. So take an honest look at them and see if any changes are called for. Your landing pages should always be kept up to date so they don’t harm your rankings in any way. gsd

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