Flirty Girl Fitness Video Review

Flirty Girl Fitness Video Review


Hi my name is Julie.

I was really curious about all the hype going around on the Flirty Girl Fitness videos so I decided to check it out myself. Once I watched the infomercial on TV, I was sold on giving the Flirty Girl fitness DVD a try.

I am a mother of five children. Thirty years ago I would dance to my favorite songs to firm up and lose the extra weight that I had added during my pregnancies.

I am a person who really hates to exercise, especially boring regimented programs.  Dancing away my pounds had become my preferred way to accomplish toning, firming and weight loss while having a lot of fun. Now, that is my idea of exercise!

I don’t know who wouldn’t want to exchange their barbells and grueling bench presses for a fun Flirty Girl Fitness workout but I couldn’t be more thrilled with the videos that I received.

Both the “Booty Beat” and the “Chair dance” videos have slimed, trimmed, toned and firmed every muscle in my body, and my husband really loved my rockin’ new moves out on the dance floor!

The Flirty Girl Fitness pole is great for toning the biceps, arms, inner thighs and calves while providing a fun workout for all those hard to tone areas.

I am feeling and looking great. I am 28 pounds lighter and fitting back into my old jeans which I had stuffed away in the attic years ago.

I urge anyone looking to lose weight, and tone up to give the Flirty Girls Fitness video program a try.

They offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose except the pounds and inches that you want. I saw results in less than 10 days!

I can honestly say I had a lot of fun doing so!

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