Flirty Girl Fitness Pole Review

Hi there, My name is Jasmine.

The Flirty Girl Pole is not your traditional workout accessory, but it has done more for me than any dumbbell ever has.

The Flirty Girl workout routines use fun dancing moves which provides an overall cardio workout while shaping, toning and strengthening muscles all over.

I paid a lot less for the Flirty Girl Fitness video set than it normally costs for just one bottle of the diet pills. Flirty Girl Fitness is like no other workout program I have ever seen before.  The music is upbeat and works wonders on keeping me swinging, swaying and motivated. I have done complete workouts without even thinking about the word “exercise”.

Dancing makes it easy to get involved with the music and melt away all the stress and tension of the day. Dancing helps to easily burn calories, shape and tone muscles while improving my stamina, mood, and outlook on everything!  It is so easy to just let yourself go!

Learning the dance routines from the Flirty Fitness Girl DVD is something I look forward to everyday!

My muscles are strengthened, toned and shaped like never before. These dance routines gave me confidence that have touched every aspect of my life.  It is so easy to get involved and stay focused on the workouts that time just flies by.

I really like the whole idea behind using The Flirty Girl videos to create a fun, stress free time to  dance while targeting all the muscles at once, rather than just working a few at a time through repetitious and boring movements.

Through the simple and natural dancing motions I have stretched and twisted my way into shedding 29 pounds and 40 inches so far! I now have a whole new lease on life!

There are no more diet pills every month, just dancing to keep myself toned and physically fit. It doesn’t get easier than that! No more worrying that the pounds will creep back on either!

I am as happy with the stress reduction benefits as I am with the weight loss aspects of the Flirty Girl Fitness program.

I recommend that everybody take advantage of their 30 day money back guarantee and find out for yourself, how you can dance your way into a whole new lean, fit, trimmed and toned body!

It’s the greatest feeling in the world!

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