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The Manic-Depressive Psychosis work done by Jules Falret was in 1875 recognized as a psychiatric disorder different from simple depression, but not quite homing in on bipolar disorder. The man even proved that the disease had genetics in the mix, but not much interest was taken in his findings. If only that had not been, perhaps not so many would suffer today. Emotions are like gas in a heated container. If you cover the container, the pressure builds, and then gushes out when there is any opening. And if an opening does not happen soon enough, it creates its own outlet. Emotions like sadness and depression need to be expressed one way or another, and if you bottle them up, you could get bipolar disorder. I? m sure you don’t want that.

New laws were established late in the twentieth century to help those who were afflicted with bipolar disorder, the manic-depressive illness that plagued people who were never able to get a hang of their depression. And in the year 1979, the National Association of Mental Health, NAMI, was born also to help fight for their cause and improve their lots. I just think it was about time, considering how much suffering people would have had to go through before then if they suffered from bipolar disorder.

In contrast to normal sadness, bipolar disorder can put you in a state of severe depression that could last a long long time. And when that is done, as though it wasn? t enough, you could switch inexplicably to a state of unexplained ecstasy. Sure, the whole time you are irrational and irritable, making it difficult for people to be around you. You should see a shrink and get some medication before such symptoms drive you over the edge and you do something you might live to regret.

In manic-depressive illness, or bipolar disorder as most professionals prefer to call it, your mood would swing this way and that between depression and mania. When it is a mild state of the condition, it could take months before you switch, but some more forms are rapid cycling, causing you to flip several times even in a single day. And the rest of the spectrum spreads out between these two extremes. Certainly not something you would like to be dealing with in a spouse or close sibling.

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