Hints and Suggestions For Optimizing Your Landing Pages in 2012

As a result of Google’s most recent changes, learn which things make successful landing page. Even at this time, numerous internet marketers are still having problems because of the most recent Penguin update. So instead of being negative about what has been going on, decide to take the bull by the horns. Find out what you did wrong, tweak a few things and then move on from there. The following suggestions should be helpful in keeping your landing pages protected during 2012. hg

If you’re selling a simple and low priced product, you can get by with a very basic landing page; higher priced items, however, also demand a more complex landing page. There are always exceptions, but that is a pretty accurate sum of the situation. In either case, you should never overlook the impact your landing page makes on visitors. Whereas some web pages contain all kinds of features, a landing page should be relatively toned down. Still, some higher end products and services require you to provide some crucial details if you want people to sign up or spend their money. You may have to do some split testing before you create the landing page that is just right for your offer. You should put most of the hard selling on your landing page. If you’re not careful, you can engage in hard marketing without even knowing about it. For instance a lot of online marketers like to utilize strong calls to action, but the typical Joe will just overlook them. Everyone has come into contact with those huge buy now buttons and there are reasons that these things do now work effectively. So you should place calls to actions like get your downloads here. You want to make people feel as if they will own what you have to offer. Test it out and see if things improve for you with this approach.

If you’ve worked hard to get people over to your landing page via your marketing efforts, ensure you give them something relevant to read when they arrive. It’s surprising how many website owners don’t see this, but it should be quite obvious. In many cases, there are deviations in the level of relevance.

Whatever your marketing material promised they’d find is what they need to see when they land on your site. If your advertising states something, then you need to deliver that on your landing page. Also, your costs per click will be lower if you are doing PPC advertising. Your main priority is to ensure that your landing pages are problem free. Actually, there is a long list of important points you need to be aware of, so don’t think this article is the end of it. A few of these items you should already know about, but some of the others will require that you do a little homework. dasjd

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