Hints and Suggestions For Optimizing Your Landing Pages in 2012

It would be a wise move on your part to know what works for landing pages as a result of Google’s most recent changes. Even right now, there are still quite a few online marketers who are still getting bad results because of the latest Google Penguin update. So, as opposed to complaining about how bad Google is, figure out a way to protect yourself during future updates. Find out what you did wrong, tweak a few things and then move on from there. The following are some suggestions to make your landing pages for 2012. ddjjkjk

A landing page made to sell a high priced product will need to be more impressive than one created to sell a cheap item or to simply collect email addresses. This applies to most websites and landing pages, though not all. In either case, you should never overlook the impact your landing page makes on visitors. Whereas some web pages contain all kinds of features, a landing page should be relatively toned down. At the same time, you have to provide enough information that people know what you’re offering. You may have to do some split testing before you create the landing page that is just right for your offer. Your landing page should contain most of the hard selling. Be cautious , you could be hard selling and not even realize it. For example, a lot of internet marketers want to use powerful calls to action, but the average person usually ignores them. Most online surfers have seen the buy now buttons, but there are good reasons for why they are not that successful. So be sure to use calls to action such as get a download here. You want to give people the impression that they will take ownership of your offer. Tweak things and see if things get better because you used this technique.

You can make people feel safer about buying your product if, after the primary call to action, you add another short and friendly message. You want to be honest in this area, and also remind them of any reassuring facts about your product or service. For instance, you can tell them, again, they have a trial period to test out your product. The length of the guarantee is a good bit of information to repeat in this section as well. You should use this section to lessen their fears about ordering. Most customers have a moment when they are on the fence. Everyone who has ever bought anything knows this feeling. You must ensure that your landing pages are not going to cause any problems. Basically, there are numerous things that you should know about. There are plenty of these things that you may be knowledgeable about, but others will need for you to do a little research. 67y9769

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