Making High Quality Blog Content Pages in 2012

You’ll need to create better content on your sites now more than ever, even though this has been true for years. Still, you may not know exactly what makes for good content, so that’s something you have to discover. Well, it certainly seems that Google is not fooling around this time, that’s for sure. You may have to move your ads below the fold and get rid of some if there are a lot.

If you think about how most people read online, it basically comes down to scanning the first page and that’s it. The reason for the scanning is they are searching for something relevant. You almost never have a reader start from the top and read all the way down to the bottom. After they find something, after skimming the document, they will actually read from that point on. You should accommodate people that actually read like this. You need to use a certain layout when you write that will help people that scan. By using bullet points, or lists, you can write your paragraphs in a way that strikes a balance. People will be able to skim your content, and also read great content as well. If you want to be good at copywriting you need to use simpler words that younger and older adults will be able to understand. You’ve probably been told that it’s best to keep your writing at an eighth grade reading level or below. There are even web based services that will look over your copy to make sure that it has been geared toward eighth graders or below. You might not know that there are interesting reasons to do this. There are actually, whether or not you want to believe it, readers who will be actually offended when they come across words they don’t already know or understand. The reason for their being offended doesn’t matter, they’ll still hold it against you. Often they will say it is because they feel talked down to, so keeping it all simple can help you prevent this.

Graphics are expected by readers on the web, and that is just the way the net is evolving. Graphics are so very important today, which is why websites like Pinterest have become so popular. It is important to have graphics and images with your content, especially in our technologically evolving world. Good images help to make the page more interesting to the eye. We all like to look at nice pictures, so along with the presence of the image – be sure it is of good quality and resolution. A bad idea would be to use imagery that is not related to your content. You need to match your image with your content. This is the only way it will work in your favor.

If you need to change your strategies for producing content on your business site, then commit to new habits. After you gain all of the right knowledge to help yourself, get to work building a new system. The biggest reason you should do this is that it makes it easier for you to develop new and proper habits. Then, as you keep on learning, the content will be even more effective. Commission Lab


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