The Treatment for Cuboid Syndrome

There are over 26 bone on the feet each of these bones is actually needed for several joints with the associated ligaments and tendons. A particular small bone on the outside of the foot is the cuboid bone. This bone is found half way on the outside of the feet. The bone is included in several joints, but its main function is usually to serve as a pulley for a major tendon linked to a muscle in the leg. As this is a very good muscle, then the bone has to be extremely stable. When this is definitely not stable throughout its joints then the actual tendon will attempt and move the bone and damage the ligaments and joints. This will likely results in the problem recognized as cuboid syndrome. This really is widespread throughout sportsperson and produces discomfort down the outside of the feet. It commonly will start slowly but afterwards progresses to the stage that this is going to influence athlete participation.

The particular remedy regarding cuboid syndrome will most likely start of with the adjustment regarding athletic activity so that your sports could be tolerated. Ice therapy is commonly made use of whenever the signs or symptoms really are painful. Taping is frequently used in the initial stages to help prevent the bone moving and straining the actual joints surrounding the bone. If the strapping is effective, consequently feet orthotics are usually applied throughout the long term to hold the bone moving. Usually the most successful solution for cuboid syndrome is by using a manipulation to fix the dislocation in the bone and surrounding joints. If the situation improves therefore there must be a moderated and thorough schedule to return to sport or there is a higher probability that this might happen once again. Exercises to strengthen the muscles over the longer term may well also be useful to stop the issue from going on once again. The main reason the issue happened from the very first should be also fixed.


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